What is Pinupology Magazine? WHAT'S ABOUT PINUPOLOGY MAGAZINE?


Pinupology Magazine is a website (regular publication) covering the Pinup subject over a business perspective, which uses the concept of Artwork Licensing Agreement to sell Pinup Art for Licensing and Pinup Art for sale.

If you are looking for Pinup Girls, Vintage Pinup Style (retro pinups), digital pinup art (digital art in general), which can be used in your product or merchandise, or to sell your message/idea through a copyright licensing agreement, here is the right place.

The digital and traditional illustrator artist, Cris Delara, who is internationally well known as one of the best contemporary pinup artist, works, professionally, since 2004, with Pinup as the main subject of her career.

Pinupology Magazine presents to you the (revamped) idea that using the right Pinup image as the main visual resource for your business purpose, is the best tool to bump up the sales of your product, your message or to promote your campaign.

We want to attract entrepreneurs, business, companies which are interested in having a strong and appealing Pinup image for their commercial purposes, to use in their marketing campaign (digital marketing) to stand out from their competitors.


Yes, Pinups have a very strong business, professional, commercial side, which we can prove to you is worth to invest in, and... here is why you should hire us:
  • Our team is very creative and skilled
  • Cris Delara, our main artist needs no academic titles to introduce her.   She has impeccable anatomic drawing skills; her female human figures are perfect and when finished with her unique painting technique, they look like alive. She is a master in traditional and digital environment. Google her name and be awe with her images…. No wonder why she is considered one of the best contemporary pinup artists in the world.
  • We have been working with pinup subjects since 2004; we have knowledge, background and passion about this subject; and we will add all this into your project delivering to you an outstanding quality of service
  • Our services fees are extremely competitive and our licensing terms are very flexible
  • We are capable of giving to our customers images/files in big format with high quality resolution.  Our customers can have final printing around to 8 X 10 feet size or even bigger
  • We have a large amount of pinup samples for licensing in our galleries; one of them will fit your purposes.  In case you need to adjust or modify the image we have the best artist in house to make it for you.
  • If you don’t find the perfect pinup image for your business, we can develop or create an exclusive one for you

So, if you need a pinup for your.... anything purpose....  you can’t go wrong with us!!!!

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