Customized Pinup Art for Licensing or for Sale
If you still did not find that exact image, you are also very lucky, because we can develop/create a customized pinup image to your product, campaign or for any purpose you want.
Just contact us to get more details about our CUSTOMIZING PINUP option.

Customizing Pinup

Customers can hire Cris Delara Art Studio to develop/create an exclusive character or to draw/paint an already existent one (let's suppose you have your own character/pinup but do not an artist to draw it).

In this kind of work, the customer is buying the image and all its rights of use, for unlimited time.
All references, specifications, descriptions, details for the service must be provided by the customer

As each customized project has its own specifications and demands the price/fees for the service it will depend on many factors as well as updates and re-evaluations. So, there are no flat fees in this case.

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