The Pinupology Project
Vision and Philosophy

Pinupology is a project developed by The Pinup artist, Cris Delara, who owns Cris Delara Art Studio in Canada, which has the intention to show to the world the professional and commercial side of the pinup subject.

That is a unique and different approach for the pinups as the world knows them. Very often, everybody associates Pinups with sexy, cute, nude (or even porno subjects) girls images and so on.

Historically people think as vintage, retro style of drawing and paintings posters/cards portraying beautiful sassy sexy appealing girls who “cheered up” the moral of the troops, which fought the wars.

Those posters were sent to the battlefields and the soldiers used to pin them up on the walls and lockers to have something beautiful, something that could bring them some joy within such terrible, dark and lethal environment.

Quickly, pinups were painted on the airplanes (nose art) and other vehicles, which expressed the “bonding” between the crew and a machine/tool, which they depended on to continue alive.

The simply fact of having something like a pinup painted on their gear was a way of making that “relationship” more personal (after all we are all humans and, specially, the soldiers are not “killing machines”).

So, Pinups were used to “sell”, somehow, to the soldiers and to a whole generation the message for hope in the future once the war was over.
Most of the pinups paintings showed ordinary happenings in a joyful way, which reminded the soldiers why they were fighting.
They were fighting for their homes, their freedom and all good things those pinup girls reminded them of.

Since the beginning of their concept, on purpose or not, Pinups were the best tool to sell that message.
And they are still the best tool to sell anything.

That’s the spirit of Pinupology as a project: we want to highlight the pinup subject on a professional, commercial and effective perspective than just the artistic one and as result to prove to you that Pinups are great “sales” tool.

That is why we believe we have a unique product and concept on Pinups.

You are not going to find anything like Pinupology in other places or websites, because we have the background, the experience, the skills, the talent and creativity and the best of all, The Pinup Artist, Cris Delara, to provide you the awesome mind blowing Pinups images condensing all this “philosophy”.

OK, everything is really cool, pinups are great, but what is the practical outcome of this project?

Well, once the Pinupology Project achieves a sustainable status, financially speaking, we will be able to produce free pinup related contents to be shared on the web.


  • Free digital painting tutorials based on Pinups characters (human and figure subjects), which will help students and other artists with their doubts and struggles
  • Free digital painting exercises (using pinups) designed to improve the artistic skills of students and other artists
  • Free digital drawing tutorials focused on figure and people content, designed to help students and artists with their drawing skills
  • Free digital and traditional painting/drawing live stream sessions with Cris Delara about pinups

These are just some of the ideas we would like to make it true and implement from our Pinupology Project.

However, to achieve that status, this project should be a “full time job” from where we can pay for all the structure and resources to produce the “rewards” for our audience.

Part of the money we get from our services and from selling pinup art through licensing agreement (Pinupology Magazine) is invested in the Pinupology Project, but that is still not enough to make it happen in full.

If you like this idea and wish to support it, you can be our Patron with pledges as low as just $1.00/month and in exchange of your help we will offer you an exclusive set of rewards (that is a very good deal).

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  1. Great ideas guys. I really hops this is able to come to light. Would love to see some of the tutorials and other content. Best of luck!!