Pinupp Art for Licensing


You can use and have the legal right of using any of our images as many times you want in any media, campaign, website, blog, t-shirt, stationary, packaging… Whatever purpose you wish for the time you need for an incredible deal.

We have options from 1 year up to 3 years of usage; and as longer you license the image cheaper it becomes :-)
Check the price table below.

Pinupology License AS IS - PROMOTIONAL PRICES (2017, from Jun 1st to Dec 31st)
Promotional Price (taxes included) Usage Time
US$750.00 US$550.001 year
US$1,360.00 US$1,000.002 years
US$1,860.00US$1,400.003 years

If your current budget is a little shorter than that and you want to use the image just for one purpose or for a different time, feel free to contact us and we can check if it is possible to help your business to have our image.

What does it mean, Cris Delara's licensed image AS IS?

It means that the customer can use the image, as is (no modification, no edition in any aspect), in any media (it can be used on packaging, websites, stationary, advertising campaigns, t-shirts, etc) as many times wanted and for the time needed.

I would like to change the image to add my logo or make it with the colors of my company, can I do that?

Yes, the image can be changed to match some of your business requirements, such as:

  • changing the original colors of the pinup’s clothes to the colors of your business
  • adding some elements of your product
  • other types of changes

However this modification/edition can be done only through Cris Delara Studio.
The customer can not alter, modify, or change any aspect of the image by himself.
Any kind of modification in the image must be done by Cris Delara, otherwise, the agreement is terminated.

What are the benefits of licensing Cris Delara's pinups for using on my product, business or project?

As said, you can use the image in any media you want and for the time you need. Beyond that, check about the money invested and the profits you can make using a legal license image:

  • You pay US$750/year US$550.00/year (with taxes included) => that is the final price, no more surprises. We pay all the taxes from Paypal + our business taxes, which is around 20%. At the end of all transactions, we get $440.00.
  • You pay $750.00/year US$550.00/year, which is around $1.05/day (a price of a coffee) for an image that can be used on your website, in a poster for your product at your store, in an advertising in your local newspaper, in a 20,000 flyers, in a 10,000 labels, in a 10,000 packagings, in a 500 t-shirts for your new collection, etc. divide $550.00 by that amount of times you use the image and you have paid only $0.01/use (around a penny).
  • The regular MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) for a t-shirt with a nice image like Cris Delara Pinups is around US$20.00. Production cost is around US$5.00 + $0.01 (image). Profit is around $15.00. Even if you sell only 50 t-shirts during one year, you will get your money back with profits => 50 t-shirts X $20.00 (MSRP) = $1,000.00 - $250.00 (50 X $5.00 production cost) - $550.00 (license for 1 year) = $200.00 (profit).

Why should a pay for an image if I can "get it" from another place in the Web and use it for my business/product?

Trying to avoid ethical and legal discomfort for everybody we priced our images with a very affordable licensing agreement which allows our customers to make money with our pinups while also promotes our "Pinupology" project. After all that is how business works; you invest money to make money. Isn’t it?

  • Maybe you didn’t even notice that image belonged to someone before using it in your business (which denotes a certain naiveness from you). Assuming that is the case, yet when it is clear the image is not authorized to be used for free you are doing something illegal.
  • If you insist on using "images for free" your business and your name may be exposed in all social media as a nonethical business, a person who is “stealing” from other artists using their images to make money with your business (odds are that is gonna happen sooner or later) and that is not good for your business reputation
  • Artists, like Cris Delara, who have a decent professional network reach daily, through the web, combining all social media around 30,000.00 people who hate that situation because violates good professional mannerism.
  • Those people, likely, will reply, share, post comments and even achieve your business social media suggesting that you are illegally taking advantage on artists. That comes viral, escalates and can even reach your local news or your customers.
  • Worst case scenario, you may receive a letter from a lawyer stating that you will face legal actions due the fact you are using non-authorized images for business (nowadays there are lawyers everywhere, even in your town who are willing to sue everybody for any reason). All that worths more hat $550.00/year for instance?

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